Emotional Eating 101 Workshop

$27.00 CAD

Emotional Eating 101

In this workshop you will be given tools that will change your relationship with food, forever!

Implement the tools and you'll be amazed how fast you uncover what food is really doing in your life, what you're really using it for and how changing a few simple things can change everything!

When we choose things that aren't in our best health, why?  Why would do that?  Why would we starve, deprive, or stuff and posion the only vehicle we have to experience life?

Well... that's the Golden Question that gets uncovered when you practise the Tools dished out in this workshop!

Get your pen and paper.  And leave us any questions you have in the comments section and we'll get back to you!

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Emotional Eating Workshop does not replace medical advice.

It is suggested tips and tools that have proven effective in helping people understand their relationship with food.  People are encouraged to seek professional help to deal with or help working through things they uncover.